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Travel Insurance: What Is The Maximum Trip Length?

Boarding a plane in Swedish Lapland (photo: Dave Lee)

Boarding a plane in northern Sweden

When it comes to travel, it's easy to focus on exciting plans for the future, whether in your own country or far-off lands.

An essential step in the planning process involves ensuring you're safely covered in case of unexpected and unfortunate events. This is where travel insurance can make a difference.

Travel insurance refers to purchased coverage protecting travelers from losses and risks that can happen while traveling.

The losses can pertain to changes made in the itineraries, delayed or lost baggage items, last-minute flight cancellations, re-booking of flights, and medical emergencies.

It covers various details such as the maximum trip length, which refers to the longest period of travel to qualify for travel insurance coverage.

How Long Can You Have Travel Insurance?

You can pay for travel insurance to cover you from your departure to your time returning from the trip.

If you have a round-trip ticket, the coverage includes the day of return from your destination.

But if you are traveling for quite a while, then it is best to buy long stay travel insurance, which allows you to go to different countries while staying insured.

The long stay travel insurance policies depend on the length of your trip. Moreover, each plan has specific features that fit every traveler's preferences.

Regular Travel Insurance

This is for regular customers who have no intention of traveling for long periods of time.

The insurance policy covers a maximum of 60 days of travel as well as travelers who are below 84 years of age.

The coverage for trip cancellation is around £2,000, £5,000,000 for medical emergency expenses, and £1,000 for personal belongings.

However, this insurance does not include travel delays, service withdrawals, and unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, hijacking, and mugging.

Annual, Multiple Travel Insurance

Now, if you want to be away for four months, then be sure to choose the Annual, Multiple Travel Insurance.

It covers a maximum trip length of 120 days. Travelers below 79 years old are eligible for this long stay travel insurance policy.

Other details included in the coverage include trip cancellations worth £6,000, medical emergency costs for £10,000,000, and personal possessions for £3,000.

It also covers flight delays, withdrawal of services, and unforeseen situations.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

For those who love to travel full-time without having to worry about anything, Comprehensive Travel Insurance is a perfect choice.

This is almost the same as the Annual, Multiple Travel Insurance, having identical coverage for trip cancellations, medical expenses, personal possessions, travel delays, unforeseen circumstances, and service withdrawals.

The difference is that the policy covers travelers below 89 years of age whose trips have a maximum length of 18 months.

Backpacking Travel Insurance

Are you a backpacker? Then consider the Backpacking Travel Insurance option which is geared toward longer trips and younger travelers.

It is similar to Regular Travel Insurance, having the same coverage for trip cancellations, medical expenses, personal possessions, travel delays, unforeseen situations, and service withdrawals.

However, the insurance covers a maximum trip length of 18 months and travelers whose ages are below 51 years old.


Travel insurance is rarely the most exciting part of planning a new trip, however, it's arguably one of the most important decisions you'll make. 

Investing in high-quality travel insurance that fits your situation and you'll be better able to relax and enjoy the trip.


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