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Working In An Italian Vineyard

A view over the Tuscany Vineyards
A view over the Tuscany Vineyards (photo: Mike Zarro)

There are a lot of beautiful and unique places in the world, but if you haven’t seen the Tuscany hills or taken a sip from the Tuscany wines at wine tastings, you’ve missed something “meraviglioso”.

Apart from being the cradle of the Renaissance, Tuscany offers a fertile land for growing juicy grapes, amazing food, and people ready to host you even if they don’t know your language.

In Tuscany, most of the wine is made in small family vineyards according to ancestral traditions.

Not only the wine respects rigorous traditions, but the people as well, and even the time obeys a different kind of rules, the “unspoken rules” of the land.

Although for us – the habitants of the noisy cities, the rural parts of Tuscany may seem too quiet and too simple, life in Tuscany has a certain charm which some of you may recognize in the movies of Benigni.

With a rich history, splendid sceneries and plenty of quality wine, Tuscany can be the perfect place for a unique holiday. From organic farms to a local olive grove, there's so much to see and taste.

Whether you're grape picking for the winery harvest, doing other vineyard work in Italy's large wine industry, or just enjoying the harvest season in Tuscany, is a wonderful way to experience life in its purest form: sun, bread, olive oil and a glass of Chianti.

This is what the Italians call “La dolce vita!”

A city in Tuscany dressed for "Feste"
A city in Tuscany dressed for “Feste” (photo: Simona83)

If you want to spend your holidays working in an Italian vineyard, in a job such as a grape picker, first of all, you need to know that in Italy the harvest season starts from late summer and lasts until September/October.

You may not receive money in exchange for your work, but the Italian families will do their best to provide you with comfortable lodging, delicious local food, and plenty of fun.

Also, you may not need a work permit, because such an activity is part of the agricultural tourism and you’ll be regarded as a tourist.

Picking grapes can be quite a challenging activity, not to mention that the weather in Tuscany can be rather difficult to stand.

Most of the grape pickers start work early in the morning and take a break during lunchtime when the sun is scorching.

All the sweat and hard work are forgotten when you enjoy a glass of red wine from the wine you’ve helped make. It’s a fantastic sensation!

The really fun part starts when the picking activity is over, and the entire community takes part in the making of the wine.

Making wine is a fantastic experience, which can be both fun and rewarding, and which for certain will enrich you from so many points of view, bringing benefits that will last your entire life.

Developing skills in volunteer vineyard jobs during the wine region grape harvest is not just a great experience or a great way to sample local cultures and fine wine.

It can also open doors to permanent jobs where you can build up years of experience, as well as giving you access world wide opportunities.

So, if you're planning your first visit, you've picked one of the best places to learn about wine culture and the wine business, and it's waiting to welcome you with open arms.

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work in an italian vineyard


About the Author: Oana is a gadget lover with a vivid interest for traveling and good food. Although until now she has visited mostly Europe she plans to travel to Turkey – the Asian part and Morocco, and she would return every time to Italy.

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Friday 1st of January 2016


I am a student studing in warsaw and would be very useful for me to work in your vineyard as Im from Georgia and planning to do my master in wine making business,

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Regards, Irakli Tchkonia

Kritadeo Ramdass

Tuesday 12th of May 2015

To work in Italian Vineyard on temporary basis


Saturday 8th of November 2014

Would love the opportunity to work in Italy picking grapes or whatever kind of maintance work you provide. How do I apply? What kind of accommodation do you provide? What's the start date and end date?



Bryan Pelizza

Friday 25th of July 2014

Salve, siamo una coppia, ragazzo italiano di 28 anni e ragazza inglese di 26, siamo in cerca di lavoro di farm. Abbiamo esperienza in lavori di farm, raccolta di frutta e vegetali e mantenimento farm. Esperienza maturata durante il nostro viaggio e permanenza in Australia di 2 anni. Abbiamo lavorato in diverse farm in zone diverse dell'australia, svolgendo diverse mansioni: raccolta di frutta e vegetali (uva, peperoni, pomodori, cipolle, zucche , cocomere , mele e altri), piantagione, mantenimento farm (incluso uso trattore). Abbiamo inoltre lavorato anche in una farm di animali e avuto a che fare con cavalli e pecore. Apprendiamo velocemente e lavoriamo duramente. Siamo attualmente in Inghilterra ma abbiamo piani di ritorno in Italia (Parma) per il 6 di agosto. Possediamo la macchina e non sarebbe un problema per noi raggiungere la vostra farm e trovare un alloggio nelle vicinanze. Speriamo di ricevere presto vostre notizie, se interessati non esitate a contattarci. Grazie per il tempo concessoci!

Bryan e Vicky


Friday 9th of May 2014

Hi, thinking of working the summer in Tuscany are there any legal requirements to do so ? Thanks Leigh

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