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The Ultimate Camping Trip Along Australia’s East Coast

Blue water and beach in the Whitsunday Islands (photo: Brewbooks)

Blue water and beach in the Whitsunday Islands (photo: Brewbooks)

With relaxing ocean views and top facilities, the east coast of Australia is one of the best places in the world for camping.

Whether your style is rustic or upscale, you’ll find the perfect amenities for you and plenty of attractions along the way to keep you busy.

The best way to plan a camping trip is to choose your destinations first, then pick the campsites to suit your taste.

You will then have a better idea of what are the best camping gadgets you will need to bring.

From Cairns to Melbourne, here are some of the ultimate camping spots along the Australia east coast.


While Cairns feels a bit like the end of the road along the east coast (some roads go north, but they’re mostly smaller dirt roads), it is a fantastic holiday spot for campers.

Most of the campervan parks and campsites around the city have top reviews for amenities, atmosphere, and cleanliness. Still, given the reefs just off the coast, there are also some beautiful rural spots, such as the Kuranda State Forest, just north of town.

Whitsunday Islands

The Whitsunday Islands are perhaps the most gorgeous islands on earth – and they rose to international acclaim when the local tourist board held a “best job on earth” contest featuring them.

Turquoise waters and clean white beaches can be found for miles.

Plan to spend a little bit of leisure time here – there are lots of places to tuck away and relax in this area.

You can also use the camper shuttle service, called the “Scamper,” to move from island to island.

Fraser Island (photo: Mike Lawton)

Fraser Island (photo: Mike Lawton)

Fraser Island

What more of an ultimate camping trip than to camp on the world’s largest sand island?

Fraser Island has six campsites on the island itself, which makes it a very charming and rustic experience come evening when all of the tourists have boarded their ferryboats back home.

There is camping on the headlands just across on the mainland, but plan ahead and get a booking on the island for the best experience.

Byron Bay (photo: eGuide Travel)

Byron Bay (photo: eGuide Travel)

Byron Bay

Known more as a backpacker town than anything else, Byron Bay also has quite a few camping and lodging options in the area, making it an excellent spot to explore the southern stretch of Queensland.

You’re a good bit south of Brisbane and over an hour south of Gold Coast, meaning there’s a bit more room to stretch out here, while still offering plenty of amenities and things to do, from the cafes and bars to beach strolls in the afternoon.

Entrance (photo: Phil Whitehouse)

Entrance (photo: Phil Whitehouse)

Lakes Entrance

Last but certainly not least is a stop in Lakes Entrance, a spot in Victoria about two-thirds of the way from Sydney to Melbourne.

This area is unique in that there are several national parks within an hour’s drive, such as The Lakes National Park (a gorgeous sand spit that extends for miles), Colquhoun National Park, Cape Conran National Park, and state forest in all directions heading away from the coast.

If you like to hike or walk, this spot will keep you busy for at least a week.

For more tips and ideas on camping on the Australian east coast, pick up a copy of Kerryn Burgess’ book, Cool Camping Australia: East Coast, which features in-depth reviews of campsites and destinations across the entire east coast.


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Tuesday 9th of September 2014

Frazer Island! certainly somewhere I have always wanted to go.


Thursday 1st of August 2013

Such a beautiful trip, definitely on my list. I had always thought of just doing that route by backpacking and staying in hostels, but after reading this post, it's camping all the way. Just have to watch out for the creepy crawlies!!!


Wednesday 31st of July 2013

I have never had the pleasure of camping at the beach...the closest I've come so far is to leave the sliding glass door open in an oceanfront room. This is going on my bucket list today.

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