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Contemplating My Nepal Trek

Mount Everest
Mount Everest (photo: lutz6078 from Pixabay)

Buying a new toy was only one of the thoughts on my mind during my time in Hong Kong

Reaching mainland Asia meant I needed to start thinking about what I would do for a trek in Nepal. 

April, the second-best time to go in terms of weather, was quickly approaching.

Initially, I had my mindset on a three-week trek of the Annapurna Circuit

I remembered the Australian girl I met on my Singapore flight and checked out the Nepal treks offered by international tour companies. 

The Annapurna Circuit wouldn't be an option, though the Everest Base Camp Trek (EBC) would fit my timing and still had slots available.

Check out Kandoo Adventures to get a sense of what's involved.

I started to consider the shorter two-week EBC trek.

However, excitement at the idea was far outweighed by increasing anxieties around altitude sickness, the pressure to keep up with the group, and concern about whether my feet, legs, and knees could handle the long hours of hiking day after day.

In the end, I realized I wasn't going to have any fun in the month leading up to the trek if I committed and paid for an experience I'd worry about constantly. 

At some point, I updated my TravBuddy profile to indicate my intent to trek in Nepal. 

A day or two later, Gela from The Netherlands contacted me, and we began to discuss a two-week trek through the Annapurna Sanctuary using a locally hired guide and porter. 

The Sanctuary treks are less strenuous and at lower altitudes (12-13,000 feet vs. 18,000 feet) than the other two. 

More importantly, we'd be able to take our time and exert more control over the itinerary than if we were part of a package tour through a Western company with a clearly stated goal (like reaching EBC).

As we exchanged emails, I felt my anxiety decline, and a funny thing happened. 

I began to feel excited again about the prospect of trekking in the Himalayas! 

While the DIY approach will have its own set of challenges, it feels right.

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Zahid Bari

Saturday 10th of March 2012

Hey guys...Im Zahid, from Dubai..i came across this post whilst surfing for information on Nepal and the Annapurna treks...

Im looking forward to visit Nepal on 15th March and have 2 weeks in hand...I want to go for a 10-12 day trek around the Annapurna, have seen a few options here and there...but im not sure which route / circuit / trek to choose...Also, im not sure if i should hire a porter and go by travelling with my gf, so plz backpacking, thus obviously will be on a budget...


awaiting replies...



Kango Suz

Wednesday 26th of March 2008

What a great stroke of luck and coincidence and fate and whatever else you want to call it to find a friend on Travbuddy to share the costs and go at your own pace with. I'm looking forward to reading all about it! -Suz


Monday 10th of March 2008

PS. Congrats on being gone 100 days!


Monday 10th of March 2008

I can't wait until I get to hike the Annapurna Circuit. I thought about doing it without a porter or guide, as it would be a lot cheaper, but I sill don't know as of now. However, I still have a couple years to think about it.


Monday 10th of March 2008

PS. Congrats on being gone 100 days!

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