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Stunning Places to Take a Last Minute Break in the UK

Bath is a wonderful option for a last minute break in the UK (photo: falco, Pixabay)

The city of Bath, England

From the not so obvious locations to famous tourist spots, there is an abundance of cool places to take a last minute UK break.

Great Britain is diverse when it comes to landscapes, culture, and landmarks, including a rich history that dates back thousands of years.

Whether you're looking for a place to escape with your family for the weekend or fancy taking a city break for a romantic getaway, you'll find plenty of inspiration here!

Last Minute Break in Bath

Bath is one of the prettiest cities to make it on our list. Bath is famous for its Roman baths that date back to 60AD when the spa city known as Aquae Sulis was founded.

For both its history and local charm, Bath is a terrific destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life for the weekend.

The town's idyllic streets are lined with quaint cafes, perfect for a relaxing cup of tea or coffee. And, if you're feeling in need of further tranquility – there are plenty of modern spas, too.

For those that are seeking a last minute break in the UK, Bath may tick all of your boxes. Its stunning architectural highlights and unpretentious atmosphere makes this English city unique. 

York, England (photo: Emphyrio, Pixabay)

York, England

Weekend Breaks in York

As the capital of Yorkshire, the beautiful city of York is a hot spot for both party-goers, and the families who want to soak in the Viking history found here.

The ancient walls surrounding the city were built thousands of years ago, while the vibrant eateries, stunning York Minster, independent shops, and The Shambles also make it worth a visit.

Whether working with a budget or wanting to splash out, there is a perfect spot to stay for every visitor to the city.

Many locals choose to host guests in their own homes, while York also offers luxurious boutique hotels too. 

Aberdeen Harbor (photo: Julie Adams, Pixabay)

Aberdeen Harbor

Last Minute Aberdeen Deals

Scotland has many gems to offer the world, and while Aberdeen may not instantly spring to mind, it is a location worth considering for a last minute break.

This beautiful port city in northeast Scotland is perfectly placed between the mountains and the sea.

Visitors can take advantage of the moors, vast dunes, farmland, and white sandy beaches all in one trip – what more could an outdoorsy man or woman want?

Visitors travel to this spot to catch a glimpse of the northern lights during winter, and The Mercure Aberdeen Ardoe House Hotel & Spa is a hotspot when it comes to accommodation thanks to its luxurious settings.

You'll find plenty of idyllic places to stay at MyHotelBreak in Aberdeen.

A fantastic last minute break destination for those that are eager to explore the UK's lesser-known cities! 

Glasgow City Chambers in George Square (photo: Michael D Beckwith, Pixabay)

Glasgow City Chambers in George Square

Reason to Visit Glasgow for the Weekend

An ideal location for those seeking a shopping-filled weekend, Glasgow is one of the most vibrant cities in the UK.

The port city also has its fair share of cultural venues, including museums and some of the country's leading galleries.

As one of Europe's most dynamic and vibrant cities, Glasgow is renowned for its friendly locals and intertwined neighborhoods.

Musically, the Scottish city always has something to offer for those that fancy an impromptu concert. It's not hard to catch a live show here.

The city is walkable, making it appealing to both families and couples alike, and you won't need a strict itinerary to enjoy what the city has to offer.

On the food map, Glasgow's restaurant scene is diverse. There are lots of options for accommodation, regardless of your budget. 

Liverpool, England (photo: Atanas Paskalev, Pixabay)

Liverpool, England

Liverpool has Great Places to Stay

Famous for its accent, football culture, docks, and of course, as a cultural hotspot for music, Liverpool is, without a doubt, one of the coolest locations in the UK.

Those searching for last minute breaks will find plenty of affordable offers here and as much to do while visiting! 

Birthplace of the iconic rock group The Beatles, and home to the Tate Liverpool gallery, there is plenty to keep everyone entertained.

On an architectural note, the city is mostly modern and boasts a busy center meaning you'll have plenty of options to eat and stay.

If you're visiting by car, the coast is a short ride away too! 

Brighton Royal Pavilion (photo: Adam Farrell, Pixabay)

Brighton Royal Pavilion


For those seeking a seaside escape or a last minute break to a coastal destination, Brighton ticks the boxes and more.

The town of Brighton itself has everything you'd expect – arts and crafts shops, quirky murals, plenty of places for a bag of chips, and lots of quaint cafes.

However, there is one architectural attraction that makes Brighton stand out, its Royal Pavilion.

An exotic palace in the middle of the town, it beautifully merges a visual style of both India and China.

There is a big selection of places to stay in Brighton, from chain style comfortable hotels to independent spots such as Artist's houses.

It's no wonder so many visitors flock to the town each year to take in its British seaside charm. 

Durham Castle (photo: buggump dekdee, Pixabay)

Durham Castle


The northeastern town of Durham has more than meets the eye. Here you'll find a welcoming atmosphere coupled with beautiful scenes of the old castle overlooking the River Wear.

At the top of this hilly city is the imposing cathedral, as seen in Harry Potter. Down the road, you'll find independent coffee and cake shops, cafes, and traditional restaurants.

A popular drinking spot for those looking for vibrant nightlife, Durham is affordable and just a short train ride from the northeast's capital, Newcastle. 

Tower Bridge London (photo: Håkan Dahlström)

Tower Bridge, London


There are countless cool locations in London. From staying in the heart of the city itself to choosing to find accommodation in the outer zones, the excellent public transport systems here make getting around a breeze.

And, there's plenty of attractions to explore, including prominent landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge to the trendy corners of Covent Garden, including Neil's Yard. 

Families, couples, friends, and solo travelers will all appreciate the cultural diversity that is present in the city's restaurants, art, museums, and entertainment. 

Oxford, England (photo: papannon, Pixabay)

Oxford, England


Outside of being known for its prestigious university, Oxford is an excellent getaway for anyone interested in British history.

With roots in higher education that date back to medieval times, you can see some of the finest examples of traditional architecture here amongst the town's colleges.

Everywhere you turn, you'll find a stunning design to take in, and when you need a break from touring it all, there are plenty of cozy coffee shops.

Visitors to Oxford are also in for a treat when it comes to choosing accommodation.

While the city is a bit on the pricier side, there are year-round offers to take advantage of for a last minute break in the UK. 

Bristol Planetarium (photo: stux, Pixabay)

Bristol Planetarium


Bristol consistently comes out on top as the ‘happiest' city in the UK, and after visiting the city, it's easy to see why!

Less than two hours from London by rail, a weekend escape to the port city can do wonders for any workaholics in need of a break from the capital.

Bristol boasts an array of must-visit galleries that have been housed in old warehouses and wharves.

There are also lots of entertainment and shopping opportunities to take advantage of thanks to an active local arts and crafts community.

Getting around the small city on foot is easy enough, and there are lots of hop-on ferries to make use of too when visiting the attractions here.

For accommodation, you'll find a mix of classy boutique hotels as well as more basic options. 

Cardiff Castle (photo: Margaret Decker, Pixabay)

Cardiff Castle


There is plenty to see and do in the capital city of Wales. Cardiff's endearing local dialect is enough to attract visitors to the bay city that sits on the coast.

From historical sights, including mighty castles that stand almost fully intact to the shops that line its main high street, there is something here for every type of visitor.

When it comes to culture, Cardiff doesn't fall short. You can find plenty of art trails to follow an abundance of museums too, including the National Museum.

The picturesque city makes it a pleasant place to retreat to for a long weekend, with the surrounding waters having long inspired the city's culture.

The Welsh city is affordable and an excellent choice for families seeking a last minute break in the UK. 

Tyne bridges in Newcastle (photo: yorkshireman, Pixabay)

Tyne bridges in Newcastle


Newcastle is at the heart of northeast England and is a popular weekend getaway destination.

Perhaps the friendly locals here make the city so charming, but outside of its inhabitants, Newcastle has lots to offer its visitors.

From the contemporary art gallery, The Baltic, to the streets adorned with countless bars and cozy eateries, the city is excellent for those looking for a calm atmosphere.

If you fancy a spot of shopping, there is a perfect balance between higher-end stores and independent shops selling local arts and crafts here.

Head on down to the quayside in the evening and take in the spectacular water views dominated by the Millenium Bridge.

There are different types of accommodation options available too, from ‘posh' places to rest your head after a day of sightseeing to budget hotels. 

Old Trafford stadium is home to Manchester United (photo: Jakub Mularski, Pixabay)

Old Trafford stadium is home to Manchester United


Manchester has established itself as a cultural hotspot on the UK map, rivaling larger cities such as London and Edinburgh.

If you'd like to immerse yourself in a vibrant community vibe over a weekend break or short trip away to a city, consider the friendly city of Manchester.

For foodies, there are endless restaurants to choose from with interesting spots around every corner.

The city is also blessed when it comes to art, from the Manchester Gallery of Art to The Whitworth, both of these galleries showcase some of the country's best collections.

For hipsters, the Northern Quarter is adorned with pretty bars, laid back pubs, and unique shops.

Manchester is accessible by foot, and the trams serve the city well, meaning that you can get from A to B in a matter of minutes.

You won't need to spend a fortune to stay in Manchester either. 

Edinburgh, Scotland (photo: Peggy Choucair, Pixabay)

Edinburgh, Scotland


The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, doesn't fall short in culture, landmarks, or charm.

For this exact reason, it is a top break destination in the UK, with millions of visitors traveling to the city each year.

Home to the renowned Fringe Festival, Edinburgh is rich in both arts and culture.

Its historical castle sits atop the Old Town, which is lined with Scottish boutique shops, pubs to dive into during the chillier months, and a healthy choice of spots to grab a bite to eat.

Outside of its history and bagpipe music, the city offers its fair share of whiskey. Princess Street is a shopper's paradise.

You won't need to spend a fortune to visit the globally recognized Scottish capital. However, it is worth planning ahead of your dates to ensure the best deal is found.

Edinburgh's center can be accessed easily by bus if you stay in the outskirts while once in the city's heart, it's easy to get around on foot – be prepared for plenty of hills though and wrap up warm! 


As you can see, the UK has a variety of locations to choose from for a last minute break.

Whether you go to a busy city or choose a more remote setting, always be sure to check accommodation deals ahead of booking for the best savings! 


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