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Marmaris, Turkey: Don’t Listen to the Bad Press

Marmaris, Turkey
Marmaris, Turkey (photo: Keraban Aga)

There are some places in the world that get a bad reputation through no fault of their own.

Usually, it’s through the rather questionable actions of a minority of people who tars an entire nation and its holiday resorts. I think the same can be said about Turkey.

Now, I’m not here to bad-mouth the place, quite the opposite, because I love it, and I’m currently spending six months of my year living here.

It makes me angry, to say the least, when I read bad stories in tabloids, which in turn puts holidaymakers off visiting and experiencing everything this beautiful and mysterious country has to offer.

There are some fantastic deals for holidays to Turkey, both for the remainder of this summer and next year, and I would encourage anyone to book up and see the country for themselves.

Costs are low overall on booking and can be lowered even further if you’re a little clever with the rest of your travel plans. For example, how do you get to the airport?

Driving yourself and parking will always work out cheaper than booking an entire family onto a train or coach, and this is a service I always use.

Airport parking with ParkBCP is on my favorites list when it comes to organizing my travel, and I regularly use terminal 5 parking at Heathrow, so I can certainly vouch for it.

I’ve used parking facilities nationwide, having said that, so wherever you’re flying from, you’re sure to find a good quality service.

Money saved at booking and on your travel extras means you have more to spend once you’re in this wonderful place I call my second home, and that gives you more scope for exploration.

Kunefe (photo: Sudharsan Narayanan)

The countryside around Marmaris is beautiful, and a good way to see it is by booking a jeep safari.

This means you’re traveling within the reliable confines of a trip, but you’re also experiencing the countryside, nearby villages, and having a lot of fun too.

Boat trips are another great way to see the stunning coastline and a sure-fire way to get that fantastic tan you dream of.

Haggling on the markets is a fun way to spend your time, as well as grabbing several bargains along the way.

This is a colorful and fun experience, and once you get into the swing of haggling, you’ll probably find yourself laughing at the sellers and their cheeky stories.

Nightlife is second to none, and the restaurants are plentiful and of great value.

I’d always recommend heading to a traditional Turkish restaurant and trying out some delicious local cuisine, such as kunefe, a delicious sweet.

The horror stories you hear about Turkish holiday resorts are mostly unfounded.

You find bad people the world over, regardless of which country you visit.

I’ve yet to experience anything that would put me off returning to this cultural, beautiful, and welcoming land.


This post was published in partnership with ParkBCP.

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Friday 14th of November 2014

I went to Turkey many years ago and really liked it. As you said it's cheap and the landscape is beautiful! And you have the choise between very touristy and more local places. So there is something for everybody.


Thursday 13th of November 2014

It's sad that some countries get bad reps but actually are safe and good places to be in. I haven't spent that much time in Turkey yet the time I have was great, people, culture, food, and history. Definitely want to spend more time there.

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