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Why I’m Moving Back to Medellin

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia

In a clear sign the American economy is improving, my parents found a buyer for their house. 

It is a moment I've been contemplating since before I'd left for my trip around the world in late 2007.

What would I do if the option of living with them was suddenly off the table?

As much as they wanted to see me get another office job, I stubbornly stuck to a very narrow set of criteria (editorial work for travel websites, based in NYC or Washington, DC). 

After five and a half years of planning my great escape from the corporate world, and another 20 months of traveling and living abroad, the prospect of going back to cubicles, three weeks of vacation per year, office politics, and waking up before 9 am seems ludicrous.

If you're thinking “just grow up and get a job,” I understand. 

I've been living an unconventional life for several years, and it'd be natural to suggest it's just a phase or needs to come to a tidy conclusion. 

But, this is where my stubbornness (or naivete) comes into play.

I believe I've reached the tipping point where I can support myself through a personal passion — travel blogging. 

The only caveat is that I'm not yet able to do so while living in a major US city such as NYC or DC. 

And maybe that's a good thing, as it gives me the perfect opportunity to return to Colombia for the remainder of 2010.

The change in scenery will be bittersweet.

As much as I didn't want to leave Medellin behind last year, I've since settled into daily routines, developed a yoga practice, made new friends, caught up with old ones, and been able to go on dates without an English-Spanish dictionary. 

I will especially miss going out every weekend to my favorite club, The Salsa Room.

After the TBEX (travel blogger) conference from June 26-27 in New York City, I'll board a flight to Cartagena

For the first few weeks of July, I'll be soaking up the sun on the tropical beaches of Colombia's Caribbean coast. 

Then, I'll head back to the mountains of Medellin to further grow Go Backpacking, Medellin Living, and Travel Blog Success.


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Sunday 25th of September 2011

If you are currently supporting yourself entirely from your travel blogging, that's really a great accomplishment !      Sometimes .... it's so easy to forget that being self employed and doing it your way is something special.     I reached a similar point when I became entirely self employed in 2004 but then I lost the feeling when the recession hit in 2008.      Things are rolling again though.  Amanda


Monday 26th of September 2011

Hi Amanda, yes, in the second half of 2010 I was living in Colombia and supporting myself fully from blogging. I still am, only now I'm currently traveling Ecuador, and the rest of South America. :)

But it's still a very month to month thing for me. If I go a few weeks without any new ad sales coming in, I definitely start to stress out more than when the opposite is happening.

Newton Steven

Friday 29th of October 2010

Well i can say travel blogging is also the thing i want to do in my life. Good for you that you've been able to achieve it nowadays. It's cool to meet a lot of people, culture and places all at the same time. You're great!


Monday 23rd of August 2010

The dollar goes further in most of Latin America than in the States. I've taken two-week vacations to Costa Rica (2005) and Belize (2006) and enjoyed both quite a lot. Panama is only my list as well. It depends on what you're looking for -- Belize and Panama both have some beautiful islands where you can shack up. Panama City is probably a nicer place to live than Belize City (which I skipped over entirely).


Sunday 22nd of August 2010

Kudos to you! I've got two more years in the DC area before I hope to be outta here (coincident with an offspring heading off to college). Currently I'm considering Panama or Belize -- since I want to be just a few hours flight from the States. I'd be interested in your thoughts or other suggestions for places nearby where the dollar goes farther than it goes in the States.


Sunday 8th of August 2010

It's amazing how 'bad news' often forces people to make changes - which then transforms their lives.

For those worn out by the rat race Medellin is huge breath of fresh air.

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