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Reasons to Discover Bakersfield, California

Bakersfield was once considered something of an unsung gem. But a good thing can't be kept quiet for too long, and the praises for this convenient slice of California life have reached the ears of businesses, art lovers, real estate agents like Compass, and keen travelers everywhere. 

But why are so many different kinds of people and businesses so keen to get in the mix here? And what's so alluring about this Californian city?

Here are some reasons to join these travelers and industry titans in discovering the beauty of Bakersfield. 

Lake in Bakersfield, California (photo: Gustavo ink)
Lake in Bakersfield, CA (photo: Gustavo ink)

About Bakersfield, CA

The location of Bakersfield is perfect 

Visiting Bakersfield gives you the perfect place to travel to and from Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, and San Francisco, all within driving distance of Bakersfield. In a matter of hours, you'll be in some of the most famous destinations in the world.

Imagine waking up in the morning and deciding whether you want to take in the local Bakersfield culture or jump in a car and explore some of the most iconic fixtures in showbiz history. With a visit to Bakersfield, the choice is entirely up to you.

No two days need ever to be the same 

For the cosmopolitan types, there's Downtown Bakersfield and the surrounding business districts to give you the hustle and bustle of the city.

For those who crave history and knowledge, the 60-acre Kern County Museum provides costumes and immersive learning about the area. 

For art and music lovers, try Buck Owens' Crystal Palace or the range of art exhibitions available downtown.

Are you after nature and fresh air over stuffy museums? You can hike and camp out under the stars in peace with a vast range of National Parks and forests.

The choice is yours, and with so much to do, no two days have to be the same.

Farm in Bakersfield (photo: Jane Doan)
Farm in Bakersfield (photo: Jane Doan)

The perfect blend of modern and historic 

Bakersfield played a pivotal role in America's “Gold Rush.” Like most of California, it also has a long oil history. And with so many well-maintained and preserved pieces, those curious about the country's past are certainly in for a treat. 

However, as business giants like Amazon and many other innovative tech companies start integrating into Bakersfield, the area has also seen some exciting new changes.

This unique blend of history, nature, and forward-thinking has created an exceptional place to see new art, experience new things, and keep the past in mind as you do. 

The real estate prices in Bakersfield 

The lower housing prices in Bakersfield mean that living costs are below average. This offers travelers looking for unique real estate opportunities the chance to check out the area before potentially buying a place here.

And whether you're a first-time home buyer or a real estate mogul, the future looks bright for Bakersfield.

With eight middle schools, 18 high school campuses, and 33 elementary schools in the surrounding areas, you'll never be short on quality schooling options.

For higher education, there are over 281 colleges or universities within the California State System.


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