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The Top 7 Things to See and Do on a Blue Cruise

Alaturka Blue Cruise
Alaturka Blue Cruise

Swim through culture, history, and nightlife along the Turquoise coast of Turkey and nearby Greek Islands on a personalized blue cruise

While the possibilities of exploration are endless along the Turkish Riviera and nearby Greek Islands, there are unique specialties for every city.

After embarking on a blue cruise Turkey with Alaturka Cruises, sit back, relax, and enjoy the warm sea breeze.

1. Paragliding in Fethiye

Jumping from the top of Babadag Mountain is one of the most sought after activities in the Fethiye region.

Fly peacefully over Oludeniz and Butterfly Valley, where throngs of tourists laze about on the beaches below.

If paragliding isn’t your cup of tea, then head to the summit of the mountain and watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea.

2. Convene with Nature in Olympos

After the skipper throws the gulet’s anchor into the sea, jump overboard and take a leisurely swim to the pebbled shore.

It is a pleasant stroll through pine forests and flowering oleander intertwined with scattered and fractured ruins left behind by the ancient Lycians.

If you have the time and inclination, then head over to Goynuk canyon, where a canyoning safari or zip line adventure awaits you.

3. Dive in Kas

World-renowned for the diverse marine life, Kas is one of the ultimate diving destinations in Turkey.

For experienced divers, explore the Uluburun shipwreck dating back to the Bronze Age or the WWII bomber plane near Flying Fish Reef.

Beginners and amateur divers can take half-day or full-day dives with experienced instructors.

If you want to stay onshore, pull up a chair at one of the many pubs and cafes to soak in the sea and city views while enjoying a cold Efes pilsner.

Gulet charter
Gulet charter

4. Photograph the Sunken City of Kekova

When the gulet pulls into the bay near Kekova, an ancient Lycian rock tomb seems to be floating in the water, ready to welcome you on a walk back in time.

After exhausting your arm with selfies, go to shore and hike up to Simena Castle, built in the 4th Century BC by the Knights of Rhodes.

Grab some homemade ice cream before heading back to the yacht.

5. Eat Local Cuisine in Rhodes

While the 4,000-year-old island of Rhodes is famous for the Acropolis, 13th-century church, and the beautiful beaches, locally caught seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables prepared to perfection are a highlight of this blue cruise destination.

For local food served in a family atmosphere, try Artemida Taverna in Psinthos.

Sip on a cold Mythos while you wait for your meal of vegetarian moussaka or grilled pork loin.

In Rhodes town, be prepared to stand in line, but don’t miss the chance to dine at TAMAM.

The small and comfy restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and worth the wait!

Try the king prawns with fettucine or go for dessert and enjoy the flavors of freshly made profiterole washed down with a crisp red wine.

6. The Nightlife in Bodrum

In Bodrum, Halikarnas is believed to be the largest and loudest outdoor club in all of Europe.

The only way to understand is to visit the massive disco and dance the night away with laser lights shimmy above your head.

Posh is a popular club blasting all the latest Turkish club hits, attracting locals and international travelers alike.

The huge club hosts live performances throughout the summer, along with gorgeous professional dancers to entertain those resting their dancing feet.

For a more relaxing and slightly quieter evening, head over to Trata Meyhanesi for the traditional experience of raki balik, or Raki and fish.

Raki is the anise-flavored Turkish spirit.

When combined with fresh shrimp casserole, yogurt, and purslane salad or any of the various meze appetizers offered will create unforgettable holiday memories.

Ask for barbunya pilaki, which is locally caught red mullet cooked with garlic, fresh herbs, tomatoes, carrots, and spices.

7. Sunbathe on the Beaches in Paros

Paros is a small Greek island known for the fine white marble that was mined here for centuries.

Today’s attraction is the sandy beaches that welcome every sun-worshipper that steps upon the shores.

Parikia and Naoussa are the most popular beaches so go here if you enjoy people watching while drinking cold beer.

Watch the azure blue waters roll onto the warm golden sands of Santa Maria, Kolymbithres, or Parasporos beaches as you lounge in the shade.

Golden Beach and New Golden Beach are located on the southeastern side of the island, where kitesurfing is popular for those who have had enough of lounging in the sun.

As you can see, the possibilities for relaxation and adventure are endless in the many destinations visited on blue cruises through Turkey.

The hardest decision you will have to make is which adventure you want to take!


Amy Hume wrote this story for Alaturka Cruises.

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Wednesday 21st of September 2016

Wow that's stunning! Pinning this for later!


Wednesday 29th of June 2016

Sailing holidays have always been my favorite. Relaxed and feeling free, think its the open horizons. I've never been to Turkey but I hope one day to visit the area. Thanks for a great article, think I will have to check out the Nightlife in Bodrum.


Thursday 21st of April 2016

I always wanted to live by the sea, but I was only red and black sea only 2 weeks :)


Sunday 20th of March 2016

There are a lot of things to do on cruises off the coast of Turkey ... I hope recent events won't scare away people from such a beautiful part of the world.


Saturday 5th of March 2016

"blue cruise" Lolz, sounds like a cruise for swingers!

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