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Backpacking In Belize & Guatemala

Catching yellowtail snapper in Belize (2006)

Catching yellowtail snapper in Belize (2006)


In early 2006, I began to throw around ideas of where to travel in the spring.

The year before, I had made my first journey to Central America when I backpacked around Costa Rica.

A lot of people I met on that trip were touring all of Central America, and many had either come from or were headed to Panama.

Bocas del Toro was a popular island chain on the Caribbean side, the exchange rate was better, and of course, there was the Panama Canal.

Somehow, Belize came to my attention. Given I was interested in a Caribbean feel to my trip, I began to read through some guidebooks at my local bookstore.

All sorts of exciting activities jumped from the pages – swimming with sharks, diving the second largest barrier reef in the world, and rappelling into a 300-foot sinkhole in the jungle.

Along with the islands offshore, and the commonness of English as a language in addition to Spanish lead me to chart a course for Belize!

Planned Budget

$400 round trip airfare
$720 daily costs ($40/day x 18 days)
$400 adventure activities
$1,520 total

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