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Final Thoughts: 7 Weeks In Nepal

Dhauligiri from Poon Hill at sunrise

Nepal had always represented world-class trekking for me, yet I found the country to offer so much more.

Beyond the beautiful snow-capped mountains, green valleys, peaceful lakes, raging rivers, colorful flowers, and a wide array of birds were incredibly kind people, a lively Tibetan community, delicious food, and rich cultural history.

Reading The Snow Leopard in Chomrung


  • Flying past Mt. Everest and over the Himalaya
  • My first cup of Nepali milk tea
  • Meeting Rosie and Rob (the kayakers) on the bus ride to Pokhara
  • The view from the Boomerang restaurant's garden patio (and every meal I ate there)
  • Meeting Gela
  • Trekking for 10 days in the Annapurna region
  • Seeing three of the world's top 10 tallest mountains (Everest, Dhauligiri, Annapurna I)
  • Riding on the roof of the bus from Nayapul back to Pokhara after the trek
  • Spending 3.5 weeks in Pokhara simply because I liked it so much
  • Paragliding off Mt. Sarangkot
  • Hiking up to the World Peace Pagoda at sunrise and eating breakfast overlooking the Annapurna Himal
  • 3-day meditation course in Pokhara
  • Meeting Steven, Kevin, Stefan, and Marie
  • Spending a day paddling around Lake Phewa with Steven, Kevin, and Marie
  • A 3-day whitewater rafting trip on the Kali Gandaki
  • Meeting Natalie and Sara
  • Thangka shopping in Kathmandu
  • Walking to Kathmandu's Durbar Square
  • Visiting the monkey temple
  • Patan's Durbar Square
  • Pashupatinath Temple
  • Spending 4 days/nights around Boudhnath Stupa
  • Sitting in on a Buddhist monastery's morning puja
  • Surrounding myself with Tibetan culture – the food, religion, people
  • Shopping for authentic Tibetan items in Boudha
  • The prayer flags
  • The sunsets
  • The flowers
  • The birds

Marie chats with a Tibetan woman in the refugee center north of Pokhara


  • Recurring digestive discomforts
  • Feelings of stress in preparation for the trek
  • Not reaching Annapurna Base Camp
  • Realizing my laptop's AC adapter was broken the first night
  • The slow breakdown of my digital camera (and need to buy a new one)
Nepali breakfast

Nepali breakfast

Nepali Food and Drinks

Lots of Dal Bhat (rice and lentils), chicken or potato curry, momos (Tibetan dumplings), pizza pizza, tea – milk, masala, mint, chocolate, peanut butter granola bars, banana lassis.

Giant butter lamp

# of Nights Couchsurfing 


Souvenir: Knife and chopsticks (made of yak bone) from Tibet

Average Daily Budget 


Note: this is especially high due to the inordinate amount of money I spent on souvenirs and a new digital camera.

Bonus Video: Sunrise Over Himalaya As Seen From Poon Hill

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Monday 9th of November 2009

Terribly uncomfortable to sit on metal luggage racks as the Nepali buses bounce around but the views can't be beat.


Monday 9th of November 2009

I loved Pokhara as well. Great city. Riding on the top of buses was so fun even though I thought my life was close to ending a few times.


Sunday 18th of May 2008

the beauty of going backpacking is that when you like a place, you can stay for as long as you want....

I was only supposed to be on this one thai island for 4 days and left 3 1/2 weeks later...and only b/c my visa had expired...

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